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Vossie Feature - Ntahli Mosifa

Author: NetEd - 11 April 2023

Ntahli is a businesswoman and model who won First Princess in both Miss Mangaung and Miss Africa Day in 2021. Alongside her business aspirations, she has her sights set on the Miss South Africa title.  
Why did you decide to study Business Management at Eduvos?  
This is my second qualification; I first pursued a Higher Certificate in Educare.  
Then I enrolled at Eduvos to pursue a Higher Certificate in Business Management.  It opens a lot of doors into the business industry.  

I’m part of two businesses, a company called JP4iR, which goes beyond business, we teach young people Robotics and a shoe retail company called Rok A Fela. My business partners specialise in engineering and IT, so I decided to pursue a qualification in business to gain the necessary skills. 

What has your experience at Eduvos been like?  
Eduvos is great, it was easy for me to study and the one-on-one interactions with the lecturers were really helpful and amazing.  
If you need advice, you have a student advisor. Sometimes you need someone to give you direction and help you decide on the course or the module. Interacting with lecturers and staff opened doors for me.  
You also always feel welcome. It’s an amazing experience to be here, I am currently an Eduvos Enrolment Temp and I’ve now had the opportunity to feel welcomed both as a student and staff member. 

What makes Eduvos unique/What aspects are unique to Eduvos that stand out to you?  
Humanity, respect and being considered. Being a student or being part of the staff, you are part of the family and I love that. During my interviews, they made me feel so welcome. They were always checking on me and that’s something that I can take home with me and embody when I interact with other people. I love the experience, it feels homely.  

What advice would you give to students looking to study at Eduvos? 
Please come! You want an environment where you can do your activities and request one-on-one interactions with lecturers. They’re always so friendly and willing to help. I love the opportunities that I’ve received here at Eduvos, I really appreciate it. 
How was your experience of studying online and on campus? 
I always feel like I’m not doing enough when I’m just at home studying by myself. Studying online was okay but I would often push to come to campus and attend from the computer room to avoid distractions at home.  I understand why students always come onto campus even when they don’t have classes. The facilities are accommodating, it's nice having a big space to work in, in our student lounge or the outside areas. 
Would you consider studying further? 
Yes, I want to. I was speaking to one of the lecturers and I told her that I really want to continue with accounting. I love working with money and numbers. 
Why should somebody study at the Eduvos Bloemfontein campus? 
I love the atmosphere, its friendliness all the way. The SRC, the staff, and even Storm as our General Manager. She’s friendly and willing to help. I just love it here. I went to another college in 2017 and I was basically doing everything on my own. I remember there was a time I had to call my mom and I told her I couldn’t do it. I was crying, I needed help.  

At Eduvos, I never felt overwhelmed. Everything went smoothly and we have a student support system that would check in on us, which is reassuring. Guiding you step by step to help make your learning journey easier. Then, when you’ve completed your studies, you feel like going back, at least that’s what I wanted to do.