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DaVinci Business School joins the NetEd Group

Author: NetEd - 24 May 2023

The NetEd Group has announced that, following an equity transaction, the DaVinci Business School is its newest private higher education addition, joining Eduvos and Stellenbosch Business Institute.

The NetEd Group is building a private university system to make a meaningful contribution to the opportunity for quality affordable higher education across Africa. It was started as a collaboration between EXEO Capital, the pan-African private equity investment firm, and Stellenbosch Graduate Institute in 2019. With the latest addition the group now serves almost 10,000 higher education students annually.

Herman Marais – Chairman of the NetEd Group and managing partner at EXEO Capital says that the partnership with Da Vinci Business School adds valuable differentiators to NetEd, enabling a more competitive offering to the higher education market. “We are proud to be associated with Da Vinci given the unique contribution that Da Vinci makes to high quality management education. “ 

Prof Ben Anderson, co-founder of Da Vinci, says that the Institute welcomes the opportunity to join the NetEd Group. “The DaVinci Business School is one of a small number of private higher education institutions that have programmes ranging from post-school higher certificates, diplomas, and degrees to post graduate honours, masters and PhD programmes. It has a unique learning, teaching and research methodology that aims at supporting leaders from many different walks of life to nurture their voice and to partner to co-create the future of their organisations.” Da Vinci Business School has graduated more than 300 PhDs into the South African and broader African doctoral community. Its programmes are online and highly supported while also being offered in onsite programmes for corporate clients.

Eduvos is one of South Africa’s largest private, undergraduate educational institutions, offering 28 degrees to almost 10,000 students across 12 campuses throughout South Africa as well as on an online platform and joined the group in 2021.

Dr Riaan Steenberg – the Operations Director of the NetEd Group states that the DaVinci Business School creates an unique synergy between the Group companies that expand the offering of each as well as the impact of the group to its mission to develop education solutions in Africa as a collective.

“Eduvos undergraduate students can now benefit from articulation options to the DaVinci Business School that include specialised programmes designed to support the post- graduate studies of Eduvos students. Additionally, Da Vinci Business School gains from being able to access the large educator pool of Eduvos to further promote master and doctoral research and supervision, says Dr Steenberg.

Frik Landman, the Director of Strategy for NetEd highlights that the latest NetEd transaction enables Stellenbosch Business Institute and DaVinci Business School to expand on the scope of their combined executive education and custom corporate education offering. This will enable the group to serve small and large companies and public sector organisations in implementing corporate and executive education customised according to their organisational needs.

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Herman Marais                 NetEd Chairman

Frik Landman                     NetEd Director of Strategy

Riaan Steenberg               NetEd Director of Operations

Prof Ben Anderson          Da Vinci Business School Co-Founder

Siegie Brownlee                Eduvos – CEO

Prof HB Klopper                DaVinci Business School – CEO

Belinda Knight                   Stellenbosch Business Institute – Managing Executive


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